Welcome to Hungary! If you would like to visit our country by plane, you can choose between two options: both Budapest Airport and Debrecen Airport are about a couple of hours away from Tállya. The city is situated in the northwestern part of the Tokaj wine region. After arriving in Hungary, you can choose to rent a car in Budapest or Debrecen, or you can use the national train and bus services. You can find the schedules on the following websites:


Train and bus services in Hungary: www.menetrendek.hu

National buses: www.volanbusz.hu

National train services: www.mavcsoport.hu


Budapest Airport: www.bud.hu

(Budapest distance from Tállya is 220km)

Debrecen Airport: www.debrecenairport.com

(Debrecen distance from Tállya is 148km)

The exact GPS coordinates of Tállya: 48.235926, 21.238801